questions prepared be4 Rutgers Univ’s President McCormic’s lecture

Dear Mr President, I am an English instructor from School of Foreign Languages and a PhD holder in comparative Education. I teach master-degree and PhD students. My first question concerns financial support to PhD candidates in American universities. President Obama, after being elected, said in a speech that “you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to apply for a student loan”. What’s the current situation of financial support to PhD students in American universities, especially after the financial crisis? What’s Rutgers’ policy in this aspect? In particular, what’s the case for international students? Do they meet more obstacles in winning the necessary financial support in going to pursue their PhD study in the US?

It’s generally agreed that an important sources of American HE’s strength lies in its diversity: world-famous private universities, large state universities, and small liberal arts colleges etc. Chinese universities, on the other hand, are much uniform and similar to each other. What do you think should Shanghai University located itself both in China and in the whole world?


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a super basketball fan, an MA in linguistics, a PhD in Education, and a constant learner from China.
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